What is a Totem?

This work is customized to exactly what you want in your reality. An energy or philosophy you need harnessed and anchored. The key to your absolute success in whatever you set your self to.

These Totemic objects don’t simply represent the idea. They are energetically charged to contain it.

Specifically, the custom Relics are interwoven with your desires, needs, and personal story. We’ll get into that more on the How Page.

What will these Totems do for you?

This is where it gets interesting.

The truth? I can’t explain exactly how these objects do what they do, because the HOW is a matter of perspective. So we’ll see what my clients, the Totem Guardians, have said. And from there? Lets talk about how they are prepared and the science behind their impact.

The Magic Inside A Totem

Ritual Builds Power in Your Life

Metaphysics, esoterics, ritual, energy work, mythology. You name it, I’ve studied it. This began in 2002 and has continued ever since.
The designs, concepts, and symbolism in this work draws from that expertise; not only in culture and symbolism but in energy work and ritual process.

The result is the fine jewelry you see here, and the results I’ll share from their Guardians.

Energy In the Story

Each piece is designed to resonate with energy that it will hold and crafted to contain it. All surfaces, lines, and forms are in energetic alignment. No contradiction to dampen the power. In a way, this becomes a sort of channeling process. The Totems and Relics design themselves, using my expertise as a vehicle. The metaphysical energy is placed in the piece for you.

In addition, since humankind was capable of understanding the non-physical, and communicate it, we’ve delved into story telling as a means of capturing the things we feel. In this way, my work carries on a a tradition that spans thousands if not millions of years.

This work contains that which feel most potent.

Of course, I could do the same energetic work with any style, but I find that this aesthetic, combined with the high quality of fine jewelry work, allows the objects to live up to their purpose fully.

Power is Actually Stored in the Totem

The result is the powerful items you see here, and the amazing stories of their Guardians.

Once the item is infused, it acts as a sort of battery. Available in two ways.

The first is as a direct conduit. The object you wear contains that power, and you can call on it whenever you wish.

The second is via resonance. Wearing the object, remembering the symbolism, seeing the designs, feeling a taste of it all; this creates a resonance between the meta energy contained in the piece and that which you generate in your own body. Literally “reminding” you what you can do.

Received a very special package today from Cedric. My cartography pendant. Now interestingly, I popped it on and woah. Awesomeness. Feels like a piece of me and honestly forgot it was there within the hour. Been busy doing things and just sat down a moment ago….as I reflected on the last few hours, I realised I had just built a brand new website for myself. I had intended to repurpose the old one and then thought nope, not the right energy there anymore. Let’s simplify! Within 2 hours the website was completed, perfect and I’m sitting here with a cuppa. I hadn’t even intended on doing it today bit suddenly felt the urge to focus and act. Excellent! Clearly the perfect tool for me, C!

Nici G

Coach and Healer, Dare To Be

How Science Explains These Totems

Being the Metaphyst I am, blending different fields of wisdom plays a huge role in my life. I often joke that I am scientific Merlin; the most skeptical Wizard you’ll ever meet.

In that, I explore and study constantly, looking to find multiple angles of access. Thus, science has played a major role in developing my expertise. Refining what I can do. Weeding out that which is weak or ineffective.

The simple version:

Powerful objects create a resonance. Just like family heirlooms and very personal gifts, they carry a charge for us. This is imparted to us by a number of ways, and the research on how profoundly influential they are is nothing short of amazing. Even I am struck by the experiences of past Guardians with their Relics.

The Mysterious Power of Believing 

What was once considered a no-effect baseline for medical tests and looked at as inconsequential is rapidly becoming one of the most significant studies in medicine and biopsychology. It turns out that the mind plays an extremely powerful role in the physical function of the body. We can directly impact our health with thought and emotion alone.

In this way, these Totems and Relics actually serve as a physical anchor for a metaphysical idea, allowing your mind to do the work. Consider it a seed carrying a quality you desire, planted every time you wear yours.

Watch this video by Emma Bryce for more on how Placebo effect works.

Your Brain Rebuilds Itself Daily

Said plainly, this is the way in which your brain actually changes it’s physical structure to allow you quicker and more efficient access to a feeling, mood, or idea. Your brain will literally rebuild itself when faced with repeat exposure to an experience.

With these power objects, you are placing a reminder in your daily experience that will actually convince your brain to rewire itself. Over time your Totem or Relic will become a symbol of your strength as your body literally changes to optimize your experience.

Click here for a fun discussion of what neuroplasticity is.

What You Expect will Manifest in Your Life

In a similar way to Placebo, this is the effect of mindset on experience. While both exist in the realm of psychology, Placebo dips into biology while expectation and belief connects to philosophy.

Studies have shown that what we expect actually dictates not only our subjective experience of the world around us, but the results we obtain in our daily life. We can literally manifest the exact reality we want by believing it is true. This comes with obvious risks of self deception.

Your Totem or Relic will serve as a trigger for this process. Some Guardians choose to only wear theirs on special days to enhance the potency of the effect.

If you’d like to see more on scientific studies of expectation, check this article by Gareth Cook.