Customized Unity.

Unique symbolism for your Tribe.

Are you an Influencer? Team Leader? Business Owner?
Are you running events? Seminars? Ceremonies? Rituals?
Are you ready to take your family, tribe, clients, or followers to the next level?

Primitive Totems create a unique bond.

These seemingly ordinary objects connect members together
with beautiful symbolism to represent their shared experience
and potent energy to connect them.

Hello hello!

I’m excited to present this unique offer!

I have received a lot of interest in sets of Totems that match and connect.


First, What is a Primitive Totem?

Totems are objects that hold special significance, meaning, or energy.

They’re held by a  group, tribe, or family.

In the tribal era this was often an animal spirit. In medieval Europe, totems were called house crests and sigils. Today, the interpretation is up to you, but the fact remains:

A totem represents YOUR PEOPLE and the energy you VALUE.

To distinguish this offering from my normal Totem work, I’ve called them Primitive Totems. This simply means that while the energy and expertise is still in there, they’ve been simplified so that we can produce high quality, affordable duplicates.

Who is this For?

Leaders looking to enhance their…

  • Seminars, Trainings, Retreats
  • Families and Tribes
  • Masterminds and Focus Groups
  • Full Client Base
  • Teams and Units
  • Quest Prizes

And many more…

What’s the energy?

Totems can be designed based on…

  • Desired Virtues
  • Company Logos
  • Group Purpose or Mission
  • Unifying Concepts
  • Shared Culture
  • Quest Goals

We’ll find the perfect way to represent you.

How Does This Work?

Your investment will determine the price per totem. Tier Prices are below.

When you place additional orders with no design changes, you’ll get 10% off of the prices shown.*

All Primitive Totem Tiers feature:

  • Customized Design
  • Cast Silver Totems
  • Included packaging
  • Shiping to a single address

*If silver costs moves by 10% or more the price will shift on subsequent orders of the same item.

Inquire for price in 14k yellow or rose gold.

1st Tier

  • 2 Totem Set

2nd Tier

  • 3-5 Totems

3rd Tier

  • 6-8 Totems

4th Tier

  • 9-11 Totems

6th Tier

  • 18+ Totems

7th Tier

  • 24+ Totems

Ready to start?

Place a deposit of $750 to begin

What Tier Interests You?

*Deposits are non-refundable, but if after talking you decide this isn’t for you, it can be applied to another product or service that I offer.