How are Totems made?

The simple answer is the literal one.

I work with conflict free gems and clean metals. I use natural or low toxicity processes in my work.

I started in 2003, and have worked as a professional Fine Jeweler since 2009

Since then I have studied at a number of academic institutes, apprenticed to amazing Master Craftsman, and studied a wide range of processes.

I prefer 14k rose or yellow gold and sterling silver.
I use a few of my own custom alloys as well.

A number of ancient processes such as soap-stone and cuttle fish casting go into this work,
along with some state of the art additions including laser welding and 3D computer aided design work.

The priority is in the energy work, and in your needs as client and future Guardian.

The materials and process are there to support that.

Cedric’s perspective and insight easily draws you back to your own nature. Talking through my “stuff” with him made me focus back to the roots of what’s important to me. I was amazed at how quick and natural working through things with Cedric went. Stu Snyder

Digital Nomad and Yoga Teacher, Digital Nomad Path

What About the Energetic work?

The bottom line: Once the design is done and the object is in my hands, I bring it into a ritual process to cleanse the stress of the work, and infuse the energy it will carry.

These rituals used to be grandiose and complicated. Now they’re physically simple and energetically powerful.

Natural spaces, quiet places; always with a river or lake. Once settled, I replaying the feeling of the energy or intentions I am putting into the piece. Collecting the power you’ve asked for, until I can hold that energy in my hands.

Once the piece is infused, it is goes into the water and onto a rock or stone to settle in.

A sort of celebration and baptism.

The MetaRelic you made for me, The Ring of Creative Power, is in constant use, consciously or unconsciously. I still wear it on a regular basis, because it reminds me of the intention I assigned to it in the ritual we designed together, to strengthen and cultivate my own creative power. I don’t think the ring would have half as much power without the ritual. This was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. The beautifully crafted ring itself is a gem. Lars Carl Schmid

Keys To Creativity