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Totemic Jonas Sphere

Custom 70/30 silver and copper alloy

From one field to the next,
From one direction to another,
All fields connect and join.

This is the way of the universe.

$311, includes S&H to US

Table Top Focus Totem

cast brass, port orford cedar fat-wood

Focus is a capacity that you give yourself.
One step at a time, one move at a time.

Let this Table Top Totem help you.

Relax into a space that is yours,
Trace the lines and follow the glyphs,
Move the shadows across your mind.

When the mind wanders,
Come back to the Totem.

This is the path to Focus.

$403, includes S&H to US only

PRIME Tribal Artist Totem

Sterling Silver, waxed linen cord

A little reminder with a big heart that says, ‘
You’re exactly where you need to be. Just Breathe.’

This is a collaboration with Tribal Artist.
If you want to see the story, click here.

$297 (+ $7 S&H, total)


Omg!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s beautiful!!!

I just like the feminine With the masculine. And colors that entail me and my babies. And the swirly shapes that tie into the middle.

You are truly talented and your passion shows in how you create each beautiful piece.

Rachelle B

Cedric’s perspective and insight easily draws you back to your own nature.

Talking through my “stuff” with him made me focus back to the roots of what’s important to me.

I was amazed at how quick and natural working through things with Cedric went.

Stu Snyder

Digital Nomad and Yoga Teacher, Digital Nomad Path

Totem of Awareness

Sterling Silver, waxed linen cord

Awareness is the First element of your foundation.
To know yourself is to know the universe.
To know others is to know god.

Move with eyes open.


(includes shipping to the US, contact for other areas)

Totem of Flow States

Sterling Silver, Purple Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, stainless steel 22″ rope chain

The State of Flow exists between the layers of inactivity and intense motion.
Within this space is the key to your freedom.


(includes shipping to the US or Canada, contact for other areas)
Delivery window is immediate.

The Ring of Abundance

14k white gold, peridot, brass.
Size 9 (usa)

It’s a simple notion: the natural state of the universe is abundance.
Abundance in our life is a perspective shift away.


(includes shipping to the US or Canada, contact for other areas)
Delivery window is immediate.

The MetaRelic you made for me, The Ring of Creative Power, is in constant use, consciously or unconsciously.

I still wear it on a regular basis, because it reminds me of the intention I assigned to it in the ritual we designed together, to strengthen and cultivate my own creative power.

I don’t think the ring would have half as much power without the ritual.
This was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.

The beautifully crafted ring itself is a gem.

Lars Carl Schmid

Keys To Creativity

It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. It’s beyond powerful. It’s everything I ever wanted and nothing I knew I needed. Because let’s be real, how often do we really know what we need? But this man knew.

He knew what I needed and then he built it. He crafted what I needed into a piece of jewelry as if he was casting my soul into something I could wear on my body. It’s one thing to know what you can do…it’s another thing entirely to wear your power on your body. It takes an incredibly special human to do that translation and craftsmanship. I’m so grateful I found one. Cedric – Soultracker, Metaphyst, – Winter Wolf- I honor your gifts.

Lani C

Universal Translator

The Key of the 3 Gates

Sterling Silver, Palm Ivory, Moss Agate, cotton cord.

True communication passes through the 3 gates.

  • First, the Gate of “What I think they said”.
  • Second, the Gate of “What I think they meant”
  • Third, the Gate of “What they actually said”


(includes shipping to the US or Canada, contact for other areas)
Delivery window is immediate.

4 Locked Door

Full Awareness ~ Deep Purpose ~Simple Strategy ~Aligned Intuition
With these keys, the door is clear. Self aligned with true Self.

Sterling Silver, port Orford cedar, yellow diamond, silver chain.


(includes shipping to the US or Canada, contact for other areas)
Delivery window is immediate.