Cedric Winter Wolf Clitheroe

Cedric makes his way through the world one step at a time. He serves the ones that want to make a difference and better themselves with every breath. 

He pulls together a diverse set of offerings into a unique but focused platform driven by three principles: Exploration, Growth, and Service. Cedric has a Bachelor’s In Fine Arts, extensive jewelry experience, a Mentorship in Coaching, and a long list of apprenticeships, self-taught skills, and world experiences. These fuel a passion for the human condition and empowers his mission to make the world a better place.

You can find him traveling the globe, exploring the wilderness, and creating these one of a kind high end Totems.

He’s an old-world archetype, living in a modern human body. In another life he would have been a royal jeweler, wilderness ranger, deep space scout, or apocalypse wasteland wanderer. He loves the power of mythology, stories, and words in creating the exact life we desire. You can expect him to bring courageous honesty, creative problem solving, and old-soul clarity to your jewelry.

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