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Cedric ‘Winter Wolf’ Clitheroe

I make my way through the world one step at a time. 

I’m an explorer before anything else.
I cannot help but look for the edges, fringes, and uncharted spaces.

When I serve, I do it for the ones that want to make a difference.
You are the folks that know bettering yourself is bettering the world.

I’m easy to keep track of but impossible to find.
This is the way of the Guide that I am.
Always sharing, Never staying put. Explorer.

I’m an old-world archetype. In another life I would have been a royal jeweler, wilderness ranger, deep space scout, or apocalypse wasteland wanderer.

I love the power of mythology, stories, and words in creating the exact life we desire.

I’ll bring courageous honesty, creative problem solving, and old-soul clarity to your jewelry.

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